About us


About us

Our Chef

GianFranco, cooks, for the love of his entourage.

My passion for cooking was transmitted to me by my mother. She was an authentic master chef.

Besides teaching me and learning about the harmony of the flavors, she also taught me that it is the conviction of generosity and affection to cook for somebody, to spend time to prepare a meal not only to satisfy them, but also to be able to make them experience a gastronomic and amazing pleasure to the palate.

Our hostess

Aurélie, a pillar of Vieux-Longueuil, already 6 years!

I believe in social and human values. At the restaurant, I give importance to people, I know everybody by their first name, I worry about the health of those who are missing....I am in the process of learning the family tree of the families whom founded the old Longueuil.

According to me, to purchase responsibly is a necessary behavior and to dispose of an eco-responsible policy is self evident. For example, as long as the season permits it, we stock up with biological farming food supply handpicked with the school: The kitchen garden Hélène-de-Champlain, an institution where education was dedicated to the social reintegration of young people affected by mental health problems.

Our Products

The life for the Italians is what it is; nothing more, nothing less an intermission between 2 meals.

All our dishes are home-made according to the authentic Italian recipes, with fresh products chosen accurately by our chef!

Several other of our refined products and specialities are imported from Italy. For example, our mozzarella di Buffalo arrives by air directly from Milan every two weeks!

For all the rest, the meats and the fishes, we stock up the freshest food supplies with the most renowned local suppliers.