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LikeA Big Family

For everything else; meats and fish, we always source the freshest produce from the most reputable local suppliers. We surrounded ourselves with a great team. It is for us a great success. We spend more time in the restaurant than at home so Gousto, for us, is a big family!


TheGousto Story

Gianfranco and Aurélie, co-owners of Gousto Bistro, met in England, where they worked  in their passionate fields of cooking, catering and service. Aurélie worked in restaurants in London’s business district, including Notting Hill.

A specialist in flambés, cutting meat and fish, chef Gianfranco began his career at the Ritz Carlton in London. Arrived in Quebec in 2006, the young couple worked in the large hotels and luxury restaurants of Greater Montreal. But, Aurélie and Gianfranco had a dream: opening their own restaurant, a dream they realized a few years later with their Italian restaurant in Longueuil, where they also settle with their two young children. The quality of life of this district seduces them.

If you come more than once to Gousto, it is quite possible that the owners recognize you. Aurélie knows a large part of her clients by name, and Gianfranco will definitely visit your table to make sure that you’re satisfied.

“At Gousto Bistro we want to share a unique experience with our customers. Thank you all for your loyalty and encouragement.” – Gianfranco Di Nisio

GianfrancoDi Nisio

Chef / Owner

Born in Italy in the Abruzzo region, an “Italiano vero,” Gianfranco is an autodidact and very passionate about cooking. Already, at a very young age,he accompanied his mother in markets looking for products to make her delicious homemade dishes according to the Italian tradition. “My passion for cooking was largely passed on to me by my mother. She was a real blue cordon,” Franco says.

“In addition to teaching me and introducing me to the symphony of flavors, she has also taught me that it is a true proof of generosity and affection to cook for someone, to spend time preparing a meal. Meals that not only satisfy, but also to provide a gastronomic experience capable of astonishing and renewing the pleasure of eating.”

Passionate about gastronomy and service, Gianfranco learned his craft in the biggest hotels in London where his want for his own restaurant was further developed.
After landing in Quebec with his partner Aurelie and after a few years of work in the best Italian restaurants in Montreal, his dream of opening his own establishment came true. Gianfranco has always wanted to share his love of cooking and hospitality. He is very passionate and worthy of the “Italiano vero” title because he always cooks pasta perfectly al dente !!!!


Co-Owner / Maitre d’Hotel

Native of Hyères’ in the south of France and coming  from the world of maitre d’hotel and fine dinning, Gousto Bistro, her Italian restaurant in Longueuil, is the logical continuation of a long journey. Aurelie has worked for the Intercontinental Hotel and the Ritz Carlton in Montreal, where she acquired a keen sense for five-star service.

“In the restaurant, I see a lot in the room and I want to ensure high-quality the moment a client sits at the table,” Aurelie says.

“On the rare occasion that I am away, I attend to administrative tasks or spend time with our children. I give a sense of importance to people, know everyone on a first-name basis. I tend to worry about those who I haven’t seen in a while. Because Gousto Bistro has many loyal clients, I’m slowly learning their family tree, to the point of hearing stries about who built Vieux-Longueil.

For me, Gousto Bistro is an Italian culinary experience that is comforting, traditional and family-oriented.  This is my passion and I wish to share it with our staff and customers.

I am not only passionate about gastronomy. I live life to the fullest and I overflow with energy! That’s good thing because at Gousto Bistro, it’s very needed!


“At Gousto, we surrounded ourselves with a great team.
It is for us a great success. We spend more time at the restaurant
that at home then Gousto is a big family!” -Aurélie Siles
Presenting the Gousto Bistro team:

Guillaume Pelland (chef exécutif)
Sébastien Laramée
Éric Petrari
Clarence Chalvin
Lionel Teasdal
Alain Conte
Alice-Anne Rousseau
Philippe Ledoux
Félix Chabot
Johanna Esteban